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Monitoring and research department was established as one of the departments within the Lake Victoria Sunset Birders to undertake monitoring of Dunga swamp, which is an Important Bird Area, and to carry out any other research related activities.


The department is mandated to carry out research & monitoring activities of the group within the Lake Victoria region to promote conservation


To be the leading research organization within the lake region


  • To ensure that the ecological functions of the wetlands along Lake Victoria are sustained.
  • To ensure that the habitat for the endemic bird species is conserved.
  • To network and collaborate with other organizations doing research on conservation of biodiversity

Activities of the department

  • Wetland monitoring
  • Data collection
  • Hiring out of the equipment
  • Fund raising for the monitoring and world water bird count from the sponsors
  • Networking and collaboration with other organizations
  • Newsletter production
  • Keeping records and updates on the lake issues such as; the receding water levels, invasive species like water hyacinth etc


January World Water Bird Count
April The dry season wetland monitoring
December The wet season wetland monitoring

The department carries out monitoring of the swamp twice in a year. There is the dry season monitoring done in April and the wet season monitoring done in December. The monitoring mainly looks at four parameters and these include; the vegetation mainly the papyrus, water quality, the wetland animals and the endemic papyrus bird species. When doing monitoring there are always two transects used one on the land ward side and one on the water ward side. In addition to this the department also carries out world water bird count in January. This is a global activity with the main aim of knowing the status of the water birds because they are used as biological indicators.

The department has a variety of equipment that can be hired out at a fee. The equipment mainly targets local and international tourists, Scholars carrying out research, Students and pupils, other partnering organizations and honeymooners. The equipment are fit for activities like excursions and camping. They can be used at a fee and can also be hired out to other organizations we are partnering with. They are very convenient and have some unique features like;

  • The equipment is easy to carry/Easily portable
  • They are environment friendly
  • They are affordable
  • They are comfortable and luxurious

List of the departmentsí equipment and the rates charged per day

No Equipment Students
Ksh per day
Local tourists
Ksh per day
International tourists
Ksh per day
1 One man tent 300/= 500/= 800/=
2 Tent for two people 500/= 1000/= 1200/=
3 Tent for five people 1000/= 1500/= 2000/=
4 Tent for ten people 1500/= 2000/= 3000/=
5 Sleeping bags 50/= 100/= 150/=
6 Gumboots 50/= 50/= 50/=
7 Buoyancy vests/floaters 50/= 100/= 150/=
8 Binoculars 50/= 100/= 150/=
9 Reference books 50/= 100/= 150/=
10 Rain coats 50/= 100/= 150/=
11 Mosquito nets 50/= 100/= 100/=
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