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About Us...

Lake Victoria Sunset Birders (LVSB) is a voluntary self help group started in 1997 under the name 'Kwekwe' (Kwekwe is swahili name for water hyacinth. The name was derived from the initial activities of the group which involved helping to control the water hyacinth which was then a manace in Lake. Victoria.). We work with the local communities around Kisumu and the Lake Victoria basin to create awareness of nature and environmental conservation.

LVSB works with Nature Kenya as a Site Support Group (SSG) in the Important Bird Areas (IBA) programme, at Dunga Swamp and other swamps in the Lake region.

We are based at the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya offices in Kisumu behind Sunset Hotel.

Our Mission...

...is to contribute towards conservation of our rich natural heritage, for future generations, through conservation and protection of birds as biological indicators in and around the lake region.

Our Objectives...

  • Promote Public awareness of the economic and aesthetic values of natural resources.
  • Spread interest in, and knowledge of birds, wildlife and the environment to the local communities around Lake Victoria.
  • Learn more about environmental issues from other partner conservation bodies in the region.
  • Help conserve threatened species of birds and other wildlife.
  • Monitor birds and their habitats in IBAs around Lake Victoria.
  • Provide the opportunity to former WCK members and other youths to become involved in constructive conservation work after leaving school.
Our Activites...
  • Regular monitoring of Birds and their habitats in IBA (Important Bird Area) sites around the Lake region.
  • Participate in international bird watching and counting events.
  • Promote responsible waste management through collecting plastic and other material for recycling.
  • Participate in school and community outreach programmes.
  • Produce periodic reports on birds and their habitats and contributing to nature conservation publications.
  • Tour and tour-guiding to sites around the Lake and Western Kenya region.
  • Monitoring of Dunga Swamp.
  • Expedition/Camping.
  • Friday birdwalks.


In our endeavor to promote the conservation of Dunga Wetland, we have identified various alternatives as sources of livelihood for the community around Dunga; to realize these objectives therefore, LVSB runs a mutual and concurrent relationship with numerous partners.

It is through the varied support of these partners that the group can proudly claim a foothold worth noting. Some of the partners have been with us each step of the way; others have been brought on board to suffice our ever-widening objectives and area of scope. Some of the partners include!

  • Nature Kenya
  • Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (Our Host)
  • Kenya Wildlife Service
  • National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).
  • Fisheries Department.
  • National Museums of Kenya
  • Primary and Secondary Schools in the Region
  • City Council of Kisumu.
  • Beach Management Unit (BMU)
  • Hippo Focus Group
  • Village Environmental Committees (VECS)
  • Sustainable Aid in Africa (SANA International)
  • Moi university
  • Lake Basin Development Authority
  • Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees.


  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • Nile Basin Initiative (NBI Micro Grants Program)
  • Rufford Small Grants for Nature.
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