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Agroforestry department was formed in LVSB mainly with the interest of carrying out a compromised agriculture and forestry activities and thus incorporating forestry as a viable agriculture method with lots of livelihood benefits.

It is a department that has done a lot of these Agroforestry activities in the past few years within the lake Victoria sunset birders as a group and in collaboration with other partners of conservation like: KEFRI Kenya, ICRAF Kenya and the Nile Basin Initiative Transboundary environmentalists.

It was formed as a department because of the LVSB's members difference in conservation interests and the livelihood demands for more resources that encouraged more natural resource management through sustenance of more communities of trees in the Local community's home area.

Click to enlarge Members of the Agroforestry Department at a tree nursery

Main activities...

  • Continuous raising of multipurpose tree seedlings for sale. The Department is raising numerous species of indigenous trees as well as exotic species that are cheap to acquire and are also resilient to the local climatic conditions.
  • The Department has established a Village Agroforestry Resource and Learning Centre at a community Primary School (Nanga primary school), and in Nyamasaria area.
  • Depending on the demand for the trees, the department has come up with a consumer satisfactory tree propagating strategy that caters for most of the community's need for the trees products. These vary from fruit trees to construction trees and further still to aesthetic species. Examples include: carica papaya and passion fruits.
  • The Department also is introducing conventional methods of grafting fruits; it does this mainly to the fruits in order to raise different types of fruits and also in order to cross breed for genetic variability.
  • The department does tree labeling and beautification of the environment. This is done in different institutions at a fee, of which each tree named goes for KShs10 for each. Prices deflate and inflate depending on the nature of the work and also depending on the institution in question.
  • The department has a diverse resource in terms of information ranging from how trees are planted to how trees could be grafted. Information on how and where the trees could be planted is also given to the institutions demanding.
  • The department plans to help young botanists in developing herbariums for their research projects as well as their institutions.

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